Fairytale Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle found high in the mountains of Southern Germany, is among the very most recognizable and photographed castles in Europe. The structure covers a neo-romantic style as well as in many ways seems more like a fairy tale castle than an actual royal residence.

Overlooking Hohenschwangau Valley
Neuschwanstein Castle may be found in Southern Germany in the Bavarian Alps. This mountain retreat stays above the picturesque valley of Hohenschwangau, near the town of Fussen, which has become a favorite tourist stop due to its proximity to the castle. Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle can be located within several hours of Munich, which makes it accessible to interesting day voyagers while still keeping its distant feel.

Time Frame
But, the huge quantity of detail he demanded would cause labor to carry on to get a total of 23 years on it. For example, 14 carpenters struggled for four and a half years to finish just the woodwork in King Ludwig’s bedroom. King Ludwig picked to move to the still incomplete dwelling but dwelt there fewer than two weeks before his suspicious death, over a decade later. The fortress was opened to the general public within months of King Ludwig’s death before it was stopped with just one-third of the citadel finished and work on the citadel continued for another eight years. Although this doesn’t appear to detract in the overall opulence of this royal residence, now, most of the rooms in Neuschwanstein Castle continue to be naked.

King Ludwig assembled Neuschwanstein Castle to both neo-romantic architectures and the operas of his favorite composer, Richard Wagner as a court. The name Neuschwanstein translates as “New Swan Stone” and refers to The Swan Knight, which will be a character in one of Wagner’s operas. Tapestries, paintings, and frescoes through the citadel depict scenes from Wagner’s other operas also. Most of the rooms in the castle were built expressly as places where opera may be performed. Richard Wagner died before he could see the palace that his patron assembled in honor of his work.

It was designed to encompass all the contemporary comforts that would be supplied at that time, including indoor flushing toilets, running water and hot air ducts although Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle was built to look medieval. The kitchen has been conserved as it was when it had been built, although most of the features inside the fortress have now been upgraded over the years. It remains a testament to the cleverness of the time and has attributes, for example, automatic spits and even a sliding glass door.

Disney used the citadel as a model for its now iconic Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and several tourists flock to see this real-life fairy tale fortress. Pictures of Neuschwanstein Castle in its alpine setting are often used to entice tourists to the area that was Bavarian, making it one of the very most recognizable tourist areas in Europe.


Neuschwanstein – The Fairytale Castle is the most famous castle in Germany and receives millions of visitor every year both local and international. Some rooms were designed explicitly as places where an opera might be performed. No photos are permitted of the castle interior to be taken due to ‘copyright’.