Castle In The Winter

We all are very fond of Neuschwanstein Castle. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Germany. It is also considered as the fairytale castle as it was Disney’s inspiration for Cinderella’s castle. It is situated in Bavaria, Germany. Most people visit this place in the month of July and August. Yes, it is also possible to visit the place in winters. You might find many nicknames of the place and people find it really fascinating to visit the 19th-century palaces and castle. These palaces are situated on the steep hill above the village in southwest Bavaria. You can get a unique experience by visiting Neuschwanstein.


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Neuschwanstein Castle
Visiting Neuschwanstein During Winter
We have all been exploring this place mostly during summer and it has also proved to be a better choice for exploring Germany. The Neuschwanstein Castle can be an exception. This place looks stunning under the snow, and hence it is one of the practical reasons to visit this place during winter. To avoid the tourists and crowd you can generally choose winter season. During the winter season, you can also find a perfect guide who can help you with knowing about the places and gaining insights. If you wish you get the experience of living in a castle and not in a hotel then that is also possible. The place also has much small castle-like building that provides a night stay to get the experience of the surrounding.

Visiting Neuschwanstein In Winter – Factors That Make Your Trip Worthy

When you decide to visit Neuschwanstein Castle make sure that its winter season. There are many factors that prove that visiting this place during winters is really worth it.

Visiting The Place Covered Under Snow

When the landscape and hills are covered in snow makes the place look stunning. It gives a picturesque appearance of the entire village. Snow covered place can also make it easy to capture some beautiful pictures which you could not find in the summer season.

Neuschwanstein Castle
Proper Tourist Guide

You can also avail to the tour guide who can provide proper knowledge of the castle and surrounding area. They can also take you around the village to know more about the place. 

Less Crowded

During winters people avoid such places because it is very cold which can give you an advantage that you can enjoy the scenes, landscape and enjoy the serenity of the place. With fewer people, you feel comfortable to move around the place. Less chaos you might also wish to spend some extra time enjoying the beauty in silence.

Affordable Rates Of Hotel

Also with fewer people around you can avail to some of the best hotels by choosing the perfect one for yourself. The hotels and resorts around the place are quite affordable during winters and you would not get a feeling that it is being expensive. 

Neuschwanstein is a very beautiful place to visit and if you visit during winters it would make your trip/ tour worthy. You can go hiking in the hills and play in the snow. Also, you can time to explore plenty of surrounding places. In your leisure time, you can stroll around the gardens and sit in silence. If you are with your partner it will prove to be a romantic trip and will be a memory to cherish.

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